Shipping Policy

You must be at least 21 years of age to order or receive alcoholic beverages.

  • The billing address needs to match the address on your credit card statement.
  • All alcoholic beverages are sold in California and title passes to the buyer in California. By placing an order, you authorize us to act on your behalf to engage a common carrier to deliver your order to your place of choosing and you are at least 21 years old.
  • Shipments are restricted to California, states reciprocal with California, and NON-POBOX addresses.
  • Non California residents are responsible for determining whether they may lawfully import wine or spirits into their state. Each state has its own laws regarding the importation of alcoholic beverages. Please check with the appropriate agency in your state.
  • The Wine Connection will arrange for shipment on behalf of the buyer, to an address specified by the buyer, provided that such shipment will not subject The Wine Connection to any sort of legal action. If a buyer lives in a state where the direct shipment of wine violates the law, we suggest that the buyer provide an alternative address in another legal state.
  • We ship by ground or air from San Diego, California. Our shipping prices include approved packing materials.
    Most items ship within 2 days.
  • Insurance is available for an additional charge. (Highly recommended)
  • No International shipping.


Shipping Information

We were lucky enough to find a logistics partner that allows us legally to ship to all the states, except Arkansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi and Utah.

Please see our State Chart for an estimated number of days for delivery

For States west of the Rockies, we ship directly from our store using Golden State Overnight (GSO).

For States east of the Rockies, we ship out of our logistic partner’s Los Angeles warehouse.   During the summer months (May- October), we ship via temperature controlled trucks from our LA hub to the regional warehouse.  At the regional warehouse, it is transferred to the local carrier (e.g., UPS, FedEx, LSO).  Refer to the Regional Gateway Map.

For states with more stringent shipping regulations such as AL, OK, TX and IL, we are always required to ship in a temperature controlled environment.

Once your wine reaches the regional warehouse, you will receive the tracking number from the local carrier.  Typically, you should expect to receive the wine in 2-3 days after you get the tracking number.  For California, Washington and Oregon, you should receive a tracking number the day after we send it to the carrier.

Expedited shipping is available and priced up on request.

Right now, we can ship only wine.  We cannot ship liquor/spirits.  Hopefully, we will be able to ship those soon!

Rates vary by zone.  Please see the Zone Map.  Here are the average shipping rates across all of the USA for common quantities:

1 bottle                 $35

2 bottles              $37

3 bottles              $40

6 bottles              $46

12 bottles            $58


Regional Gateway Map

Zone Shipping Map

Estimates by State for Shipping Times

State Estimated # of Days  
Winter Months Summer Months  
Temp Control Possible Temp Control Required  
Alaska 3-5 weeks 3-5 weeks  
Arizona 3-5 Days 3-5 Days **
Arkansas NA NA  
California 2 -3 Days 2 -3 Days **
Colorado 3-5 Days 3-5 Days **
Connecticut 5-7 Days 10-14 Days  
Delaware 5-7 Days 10-14 Days  
Florida 5-7 Days 10-14 Days  
Georgia 5-7 Days 10-14 Days  
Hawaii 2-3 Weeks 2-3 Weeks  
Idaho 3-5 Days 3-5 Days **
Illinois 9-17 Days 9-17 Days *
5-7 Days 10-14 Days  
Iowa 4-6 Days 10-14 Days  
Kansas 4-6 Days 10-14 Days  
Kentucky NA NA  
Louisiana 5-7 Days 10-14 Days  
Maine 5-7 Days 10-14 Days  
Maryland 5-7 Days 10-14 Days  
Massachusetts 5-7 Days 10-14 Days  
Michigan NA NA  
Minnesota 4-6 Days 10-14 Days  
Mississippi NA NA  
Missouri 4-6 Days 10-14 Days  
Montana 3-5 Days 3-5 Days **
5-7 Days 10-14 Days  
Nevada 3-5 Days 3-5 Days **
New Hampshire 5-7 Days 10-14 Days  
New Jersey 5-7 Days 10-14 Days  
New Mexico 5-7 Days 10-14 Days  
New York 5-7 Days 10-14 Days  
North Carolina 5-7 Days 10-14 Days  
North Dakota 4-6 Days 10-14 Days  
Ohio 5-7 Days 10-14 Days  
Oklahoma 9-17 Days 9-17 Days *
Oregon 3-5 Days 3-5 Days **
Pennsylvania 5-7 Days 10-14 Days  
Rhode Island
5-7 Days 10-14 Days  
South Carolina 4-6 Days 10-14 Days  
South Dakota 5-7 Days 10-14 Days  
Tennessee 5-7 Days 10-14 Days  
Texas 9-17 Days 9-17 Days *
Utah NA NA  
Vermont 5-7 Days 10-14 Days  
Virginia 5-7 Days 10-14 Days  
Washington 3-5 Days 3-5 Days **
West Virginia 5-7 Days 10-14 Days  
Wisconsin 5-7 Days 10-14 Days  
Wyoming 3-5 Days 3-5 Days **
*Temperature Controlled required    
**Temperature Controlled not available