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2007 Inniskillin - Riesling


2007 Inniskillin

Riesling Icewine, Okanagan Valley, Canada (375ml)

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Winemaker Notes
This Riesling Icewine shows the elegance of tropical aromas and flavors of lemonand lime. The good acidity of Riesling allows for a refreshing mouth feel amid the many layers of flavors that unfold. It's great with lemon based desserts or tarts along with fresh fruit based desserts; rich cheeses accompanied by fresh or dried fruit or your favorite fruit compote. Delightful all on its own!

Item: Wine-479753
Year: 2007
Producer: Inniskillin
Designation: Ice Wine
Varietal: Riesling
Region: Canada
Size: 375 ml - Half bottle



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