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2002 Chateau Raymond-Lafon - Sauvignon Blanc


2002 Chateau Raymond-Lafon

Sauternes, France (375ml)

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There’s remarkable value to be found in Sauternes when you know where to look.

Conventional wisdom would point bargain hunters away from the mythical Château d’Yquem. Makes sense, right? Right, but don’t veer too far away, or you’ll miss out altogether on Château Raymond-Lafon. It’s in Yquem’s back yard, quite literally – some of Raymond-Lafon’s vines were once a part of Yquem – and we’ve got its 2002 vintage at 50% off – the best price on the market for any vintage of this wine!

Raymond-Lafon is a hidden gem in Sauternes. It was not a part of the 1855 classification, due to it only being established in 1850, yet per the Wine Doctor, Chris Kissack, “today it is turning out wines to challenge some of the very best of the Sauternes 1855 hierarchy.”

Its name may not quite carry the same caché as some of the appellation’s bigger names, but Raymond-Lafon lies at the very heart of Sauternes. Located in the commune of Bommes, its neighbors are a who’s who of sweet wine: Clos Haut-Peyraguey, Sigalas-Ribaud, Suduiraut, Rieussec and, of course, Yquem. Though not quite at that singular Premier Cru Supérieur level, it’s in a great spot and, per Kissack, produces “delicious and cellar-worthy wines” – at a fraction of its neighbors’ prices.

Raymond-Lafon offers more than just a good price, then. Its wines come from some of the best Sauternes terroir, are made according to exacting standards, and can compete with some of the region’s very best on quality terms. Kissack calls it “an estate all quality-minded drinkers of Sauternes should be aware of”, and at 50% off, this 2002 vintage is an excellent way to do just that.

Item: Wine-471460
Year: 2002
Producer: Chateau Raymond-Lafon
Designation: Sauternes
Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc
Region: Bordeaux, France
Size: 375ml
Wine Advocate: 92