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1970 Chateau Suduiraut

Sauternes, France

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The 1970 Suduiraut is clearly one of the superior Sauternes of the vintage. This is the third time I have tasted the wine and maybe the best. It has a perfumed bouquet with orange liqueurs, clove and a Beerenauslese-like scent. It is not a powerful bouquet but surprisingly precise. The palate has more freshness than many Suduiraut from this era, the acidity neatly offsets the orange rind and marmalade scents. I suspect that it is fairly low in residual sugar so do not come looking for an exceptionally viscous finish. Yet it continues to give pleasure after 48 years and shows little sign of reaching the end of its drinking plateau. 72gm/L residual sugar, 14.3% alcohol, and 3.95gm/L total acidity. Tasted at the Suduiraut vertical at the château. (NM)   (3/2019) -- Rated 90 points Vinous

Item: Wine-457058
Year: 1970
Producer: Chateau Suduiraut
Designation: Sauternes
Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc - Semillon
Region: Sauternes, France
Size: 750ml



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