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NV Asahi Shuzo

'Tokugetsu' (Harvest Moon) Junmai Daiginjo Sake, Japan

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Tasting Notes:  Four Hot Words: Prestine, Dry, Light, & Special.  This sake is the “step above” from the makers of Manju and Hekiju (Kubota). Each grain of rice has been milled to 28% and the nose is filled with hints of apricot, flower blossoms, salt water and koji rice. Perhaps one of the “cleanest” like water sakes on the planet. A phantom sake where you do not remember swallowing. The watery feeling and taste is amazing, and deep within there is a layer of fruit tones. It is a seasonal sake in that they only release this sake in the Fall, when it’s gone you will kick yourself for another year.

Item: Liq-456911
Year: NV
Producer: Asahi Shuzo
Designation: 'Tokugetsu' (Harvest Moon) Junmai Daigi
Varietal: Sake
Region: Niigata, Japan
Size: 720ml