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Cask Strength 5Y Rye Whiskey

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 Sienna with polished brass highlights

 The earthy base underscores complex sparks of other aromas. Initial Linzertorte, Ovaltine and s’mores chocolate notes are followed by spicy hints of cardamom, gingerbread and dried currants. With time, violet and orchid floral phrases surface counterbalanced by savory roasted cashew.
Cinnamon and malt lead a strong, spicy arrival balanced by pops of bright lemon zest, sweet caramel, and soft mulling spices.
Finish: The palate is left with waves of black pepper and seawater salinity in a gently smoldering ball of spices.

​With a splash of spring water:
Water pushes back the earth and spice to reveal white currant syrup, muscat wine, and apricot on the nose along with Assam. The balance on the palate shifts sweeter, revealing salt-water taffy, salmiak, chocolate eclair as well as perfumed notes of thyme.

Item: Liq-314459
Producer: Barrell
Designation: Cask Strength 5 Year Rye
Varietal: Whiskey
Region: USA