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1989 La Conseillante - Red Wine


1989 La Conseillante

Pomerol - Bordeaux
Personally picked from a local cellar, the wine was purchased upon release. M.B.
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Having tasted the 1989 Château La Conseillante on more than a dozen occasions, I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that it is one of my favourite Pomerols from the vintage. Although on its day, the 1989 Clinet can outplay La Conseillante, the fact of the matter is that the latter is the more consistent Pomerol. Here, it has that beguiling bouquet of melted black fruit, sage, undergrowth and hints of bacon fat, like a wagging finger inviting you inside. The palate is smooth and harmonious, a mixture of red and black fruit that seem to revel on the precocity of the growing season, even though it was now 27 years ago. It is a voluminous, mouth-filling Pomerol, but not extravagant, flamboyant for sure and yet never betraying its roots. It's just a wonderful La Conseillante, a thoroughbred Pomerol that puts a smile on your face. Tasted January 2016. Wine Advocate 96


The 1989 La Conseillante is one of my favourite vintages from this decade and in recent years has probably matured better than its 1990 counterpart. The most recent bottle confirms this. Even at 29 years of age it boasts an astonishing, exuberant, floral nose with crushed violet interwoven into the plush black cherry and blueberry fruit. There is something ravishing, sumptuous yet not decadent about these aromatics. The palate continues the theme with plush, cashmere tannin, perfect acidity and disarming purity. It has tremendous depth with a finish that you could almost describe as "spherical", not a hard edge in sight. It is a magnificent La Conseillante, one of the finest Pomerols in 1989. Tasted at the "International Business & Wine" Pomerol dinner at 10 Trinity. -- Neal Martin 97


Item: Wine-269174
Year: 1989
Producer: La Conseillante
Designation: Pomerol
Varietal: Red Wine
Region: Bordeaux, France
Wine Advocate: 96
Vinous: 97



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