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2013 Aether - Pinot Noir


2013 Aether

La Colline Pinot Noir

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As I look through my notes on this wine and it sits before me in the glass, my thoughts are all over the place. Here goes an unedited compilation: Young, dark, ripe cherry, fruit beautifully rendered, dense fruit, baby fat, very good balance and firm tannins, carousel of scents and flavors, a paradox, at times heady, will take time to equalize, borderline decadence – undeniable youthful beauty, a bit naughty, always desirable – empty glass tells a good story.
Jeff Fink-Winemaker

Item: Wine-248232-F
Year: 2013
Producer: Aether
Designation: La Colline
Varietal: Pinot Noir
Region: Santa Barbara, California



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2013 Aether - Pinot Noir2013 Aether
Pinot Noir
Santa Barbara, California
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