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N.V. Tassin - Pinot Noir


N.V. Tassin

Brut Champagne



80% Pinot Noir, 20% Chardonnay; fermented in stainless steel from beginning to end with no malolactic. After initial fermentation of the base wines, Thibault allows the wine to settle in vat within his cold cellar not once but two times, for a beautiful, all-natural clarification of the wine. Then comes the initiation of the second fermentation in bottle, after which the wines are aged sur-latte. The bottles are riddled by hand, truly a lost art, and Thibault disgorged this for us in July of this year.
Just as in Burgundy, the limestone-rich marls here are ideal soils for Pinot Noir and chalky soils are the preferred for the Chardonnay grown. The primary fermentations take place separately in steel, then blended and bottled for the secondary ferment in bottle. After aging on the lees, the wine was disgorged to our specifications in July 2015. The result is an instantly captivating and iconic expression of Tassin’s terroir: fresh cut white flowers, wet stone, apricot, and rich, Pinot depth.  That depth carries through to the palate, with a generously caressing mousse, bright acidity and fruit texture to match.

Item: Wine-247903
Year: N.V.
Producer: Tassin
Designation: Successeurs
Varietal: Pinot Noir
Region: Champagne, France