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2013 Bouchard - Pinot Noir


2013 Bouchard

Beaune Clos de La Mousse

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Clos de la Mousse is a 3.37 ha. monopole that required seven generations for the Bouchard family to acquire all of. The oak treatment is subtle though there are subtle nuances in evidence on the rather elegant nose, with attractive notes of violet, plum, spice and various red and dark berries. Consistent with the nose, the mouth feel shows medium weight flavors as well carrying a good punch of texture and some fine detail. This wine was a stand-out at this years’ pre-release tasting event.

Item: Wine-247576-F
Year: 2013
Producer: Bouchard
Designation: Beaune Clos de La Mousse 1er Cru
Varietal: Pinot Noir
Region: Burgundy, France



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