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2012 du Deffends - Syrah


2012 du Deffends

Champs du Becassier Provence

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One of our favorites that places a fresh perspective on the magic of old‐vine Syrah. Nearly 80% of this vineyard site is planted with Syrah from 1976. The soil here is thick with ample chunks of limestone debris in a matrix of minerally‐rich clay soil. You might have guessed: Syrah thrives here. And it is here in the vineyard that maestro Nicolas' skills first come into play. Before harvest he de‐leafs the vines. Then he places whole clusters of fruit into cement tanks without pressing. The clusters rest at cool temperature, allowing the violet perfume of the Syrah to slowly develop, along with its delightful pepperyness. The "salt" to this exqusite Syrah is the noble Cabernet Sauvignon: destemmed, pressed and then on to concrete tanks and finished in 400 and 600 liter wood ovals. Only native yeast is used to ferment. Served at cool cellar temparature it is a delight by itself. Served with, say, a shoulder of lamb, along side a potato‐spinach gratin: wow! And what is a Bécassier, you ask? Well, it's the beautifully-plumed game bird that is so often seen around the vineyard during the harvest season.

Item: wine-203288
Year: 2012
Producer: du Deffends
Designation: Champs du Becassier Provence
Varietal: Syrah
Region: Rhone, France