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2013 Schloss Schonborn - Riesling


2013 Schloss Schonborn

Hochheim Domdechaney Spat.

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Schloss Schönborn, in the heart of the Rheingau valley, has long stood for premium wine culture. Many of the vineyards along the slopes bordering the Rhine River have been part of the Schönborn family estate since 1349. Riesling wines from the Domdechaney vineyard are rich in extract and full-bodied with intensive aromas of ripe fruits such as honeydew melon or lychee. The calcareous clay marl furnishes the wine with a distinctive minerality and a characteristic tender acidity. This ‘Feinherb’ Spatlese has just a touch of sweetness.

Item: wine-190982
Year: 2013
Producer: Schloss Schonborn
Designation: Hochheim Domdechaney Feinherb Spatlese
Varietal: Riesling
Region: Germany